Welcome to Island Appraisal Service, Inc.

Island Appraisal Service, Inc. offers the best in real estate appraising in your area.

Started in 1993 by John Merolo, Island Appraisal Service has grown over the years to include service areas in New York City, Long Island and the State of New Jersey.

Our services include accurate appraisal reports for most major lenders throughout the country. Many lawyers rely on our services for estate settlements, matters of divorce, bail bond and bankruptcy. Realtors use our service to close on a listing at the proper pricing, a feature that is very important in today’s competitive real estate market.

We use state certified and licensed appraisers that live in the areas that they are appraising. This gives them the local knowledge that is vital in producing the most accurate reports.

Our services are reasonably priced, accurate and timely. Contact us for a price quote on your next appraisal need.


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